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Cranberry Almond Granola! Bake Your Own Granola Mix (Bulk)


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Dr. Granola®  Cranberry Almond Granola Bake Your Own Granola Mix

Each 2 lb Bake Your Own Granola Mix Produces approximately *3 lb of Ready To Eat Granola
*Your yield may vary

Sold By: Dr. GRANOLA®

18 lb bulk mix makes approx *25 lb Ready To Eat Granola
*Your yield may vary!

Simple & Easy

Bake Your Own Granola Mix
“Because The Freshest, Healthiest & Most
Flavorful Granola Is Still The One
You Bake Yourself”

Excellent For:
• Cereal
• Parfaits & Snacking
• Topping On Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Breads & Baked Goods

Excellent For:
• Restaurants & Cafés
• Hotels, Inns & B&B’s
• All Foodservice Operations

Rolled Oats, Almonds,  Sesame Seeds, Organic Flax Meal, Organic Unsweetened Coconut, Spices.

CRANBERRY ALMOND GRANOLA Nutrition Facts (for baked product)
Serving Size: 30g (1.05 oz), Servings: 45, Calories: 97/117,
Fat Calories: 35, Total Fat: 3.8g/6%, Sat Fat: .5g/3%,
Cholesterol: 0mg/0%, Sodium: 1.9mg/2.2mg-0%,
Tot Carbs: 14g/20g-5%/7%, Dietary Fiber: .8g/3%,
Protein: 2g/4%, Sugar: 1.6g/7.7g.

Nutrition information is software generated.
Bold dual listings show Agave Syrup/Honey.
Chemistry lab analysis is required for exact values.

*may vary based on extras added, bake off, spillage, etc.

Weight N/A

18 lbs


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